We're demonstrating a better way to produce cannabis
and a better way to live.

Keys To Success

Ideal Location

Situated in the renowned Kootenay region of British Columbia and the heart of Canadian cannabis culture – this area is a hub for high quality cannabis production in Canada. RCF’s unique location on a mountain lake and south facing slope takes advantage of the Kootenay’s prime growing conditions and terroir.

Quality Genetics

A nursery that contains over 450 cultivars gathered internationally and combined with many unique cultivars developed by RCF. These range from old world landrace and hash plants, to current trending indoor strains.

Generational Experience

RCF founder is a second generation expert grower with over two decades of cannabis growing experience, including seven years of personal production under the MMAR framework.

Craft Production

Craft cannabis occupies a specific niche analogous to the craft beer or distillers market. RCF produces premium craft products with diverse genetics and terpenes for discerning recreational and medical consumers alike. 

Low Cost Production

Use of outdoor growing, hybrid greenhouses with geothermal climate control and moderation of long-term energy costs position RCF to become an industry leader in reduced production costs and inputs.


Adoption of technology, renewable energy and sun-grown techniques, to reduce the carbon footprint, while producing higher yields at a higher quality than industrial indoor production.

Our cultivation methods go beyond organic

Rosebud is demonstration regenerative cannabis production and creating a higher quality product. 

Beyond organic growing techniques mimic natural ecosystems with living soil, living mulch and natural predation, while completely avoiding tilling, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides traditionally used in conventional agriculture.

Microorganism work with cannabis roots to increase nutrient uptake, triggering beneficial immune responses and provide the plant an opportunity to select diverse nutrients, allowing the plant to express its full genetic potential that results in the highest possible quality. 

Polyculture is the practice of growing more than one crop species in the same space, at the space time. This technique improves soil fertility through nitrogen fixation, providing habitat for diverse microorganism colonization and increasing organic matter in the root zone.

Low impact production through carbon capturing with onsite composting, as well as reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing the superior strength and spectrum of the sun in place of energy intensive lighting. Our solar panels harness the sun’s energy to power our off-grid electrical systems. Living soil organics are different from synthetic fertilizers by requiring minimal inputs. 

Addressing water reduction through rain water capture, self-adjusting, automated irrigation systems, and recycling grey water. Regenerative earthworks recharge the water tables on and around our cultivation site which adds stability to the entire watershed.


We are passionate about growing cannabis in a better, more sustainable way and supporting others in the cannabis community with the same values. If you have thoughts or questions, please drop us a line. We will always find the time to respond.