At Rosebud, we're as passionate about our cannabis community as we are about our profits.

We’re demonstrating a better way to produce cannabis and a better way to live.

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Our business model is sustainable

Rosebud is innovating a blueprint for sustainable cannabis production in Canada.

Organic growing techniques that use living soil systems, heavy mulching and natural predation, while avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture.

Reducing the carbon footprint by using sun-assisted growing, renewable energy, onsite composting, soil production and geothermal climate controls.

State of the art technology that reduce energy use and operating costs, while providing ideal growing conditions.

Addressing water reduction through rain water capture, self-adjusting, automated irrigation systems, and recycling grey of water.


We are passionate about growing cannabis in a better, more sustainable way and supporting others in the cannabis community with the same values. If you have thoughts or questions, please drop us a line. We will always find the time to respond.