A unique investment opportunity
in craft cannabis.


Rosebud Cannabis Farms & Nursery (RCF) is a premium cannabis producer dedicated to becoming one of the lowest impact growers in Canada.

Development Highlights

An economic and sustainable multiphase plan that combines infrastructure with a cash flow positive strategy.

Outdoor Cultivation - Initial Investment Opportunity

62,000 ft2 of production area for premium outdoor flower with comparable quality to indoor cultivation

Outdoor Expansion - Future Investment Opportunity

Addition of 78,000 ft2 of outdoor flower production.

Nursery - Future Investment Opportunity

Construction of hybrid greenhouse nursery for production of premium quality, ready-to-market seeds and clones.

Keys to Success

Ideal Location

Situated in the renowned Kootenay region of British Columbia and the heart of Canadian cannabis culture – this area is a hub for high quality cannabis production in Canada. RCF’s unique location on a mountain lake and south facing slope takes advantage of the Kootenay’s prime growing conditions.

Quality Genetics

A nursery that contains over 450 cultivars gathered internationally and combined with many unique cultivars developed by RCF. These range from old world landrace and hash plants, to current trending indoor strains.

Deep Experience

RCF founder is a second generation expert grower with over two decades of cannabis growing experience, including seven years of personal production under the MMAR framework.

Craft Production

Craft cannabis occupies a specific niche analogous to the craft beer or distillers market. RCF produces premium craft products with diverse genetics and terpenes for discerning recreational and medical users.

Low Cost Structure

Use of outdoor growing, hybrid greenhouses with geothermal climate control and reduction of long-term energy costs position RCF to become an industry leader in reducing production costs and inputs.


Adoption of technology, renewable energy and sun-grown techniques, to reduce the carbon footprint, while producing higher yields at a higher quality than industrial indoor production.

Learn More About The Vision


“Cannabis is the only crop that has been grown indoors for a period of time. The only reason for that is the legal issues which would have ensued if you were caught in the past.

We see the return to growing outdoors as an obvious solution to many of the issues plaguing the industrial growers. Growing in the sun causes a lot less of an environmental impact, it also cuts on the costs of the energy. But, it also produces a potentially better quality product as our lights still can’t compare to the sun” 


We are passionate about growing cannabis in a better, more sustainable way and supporting others in the cannabis community with the same values. If you have thoughts or questions, please drop us a line. We will always find the time to respond.