Rosebud Cannabis Farms is a premium cannabis producer dedicated to becoming one of the lowest impact growers.

Regenerative Cannabis

Sustainable regenerative cultivation that combines low cost production with the high quality outdoor cannabis. 

Demonstrating Regenerative Beyond Organic Growing

Producing high quality craft cannabis using the sun and Living Soil Organic production methods that mimic nature, bringing the plant closer to its full genetic potential.

A Long Legacy of Creating Genetics

3 decades of cannabis cultivation and breeding, specializing in climatized outdoor cultivars for Northern climates.

Experience the Difference in Quality

Focused on cultivation techniques and genetics that gives us premium quality, better shelf life, and superior taste and smell.



Rosebud Farms is a different type of company, we’re not trying to compete with the big guys, we’re really about using earth-ethics and sustainable techniques to create low-energy, high-yield, premium craft-market products.”


We are passionate about growing cannabis in a better, more sustainable way and supporting others in the cannabis community with the same values. If you have thoughts or questions, please drop us a line. We will always find the time to respond.